Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lattice Crust Apple Pie

I'm in love with lattice these days, I can spend whole day just doing it! It looks super cute and tempting at the same time. I learn how to do it from a video tutorial by Howdini

Recently I join Your Kitchen-My Kitchen (YKMK) group in Facebook and they have a valentine theme challenge. All of them look so pretty and I encourage myself to join too, this is my first challenge! I baked lots of cakes these day and thinking of something different. So here it is, lattice crust apple pie topped with a heart, I add a little bit of strawberry jam to enhance the color and sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Dad ate 2 pieces of this! xD

Apple Pie (translated to Indonesian)
Adapted from Joy of Baking with modification

Bahan Kulit :
350 gr tepung serbaguna
1 sdt garam
30 gr gula pasir (jika mencampur dgn food processor) atau gula halus (jika mencampur manual dgn tangan)
226 gr mentega tawar atau shortening, dingin, dan potong kotak sebesar 2.5 cm
60 - 120 ml air es

Kuning telur utuk olesan

Bahan isian :
1.1 kg apel (sekitar 6 buah apel ukuran medium), kupas, buang bijinya, iris setebal 1/2 cm
50 gr gula pasir
55 gr gula palem
1 sdm air lemon
1 sdt kayu manis bubuk
1/4 sdt pala bubuk
1/4 sdt garam
2 sdm mentega tawar
1 1/2 tablespoons tepung maizena

Cara membuat kulit:
1. Campurkan tepung, garam, gula, dan mentega dengan food processor. (Jika tidak ada food processor, campur dengan tangan). Campuran akan berpasir pasir.
2. Tuang 60 ml air sedikit demi sedikit sambil terus dicampur hingga adonan menyatu ketika ditekan. Apabila masih terlalu kering, campurkan air sedikit.
3. Bagi adonan menjadi 2, bentuk bulat dan tutup dengan plastik. Dinginkan di kulkas sekitar 1 jam.
4. Setelah 1 jam, keluarkan 1 bagian adonan dan letakkan di permukaan yang telah ditaburi sedikit tepung. Gilas adonan setebal 1/2 cm, kemudian masukkan ke dalam cetakan pie. Tutup dengan plastik dan dinginkan di kulkas.
5. Keluarkan adonan yang kedua dan gilas setebal 1/2 cm. Potong potong menjadi strip panjang dengan lebar 0,75 cm. Tutup dengan plastik dan dinginkan kembali di kulkas.

Cara membuat bahan isian:
1. Dalam wadah besar, campur apel dengan gula,air lemon, kayu manis bubuk, pala bubuk, dan garam. Diamkan pada suhu ruang paling cepat 30 menit atau hingga 3 jam.
2. Kemudian, siapkan saringan di atas wadah besar. letakkan apple dan airnya di atas saringan tersebut. Diamkan lagi selama 15-30 menit atau sampai air apel mencapai 120 ml.
3. Tuang air apel dalam wadah microwaveable, masukkan 2 sdm mentega. Panaskan dalam microwave hingga mendidih dan kental, pada suhu tinggi sekitar 5-7 menit, atau hingga air apel berkurang menjadi 80 ml.
4. Masukkan apel dalam wadah besar, masukkan tepung maizena, aduk rata.
5. Tuangkan air apel ke dalam apel, aduk rata.

Apple pie:
1. Tuang apel di atas bahan kulit.
2. Rangkai anyaman di atasnya dengan strips yang telah dipotong. Video tutorial dari Howdini dapat dilihat di sini.
3. Tutup dengan plastik dan dinginkan di kulkas sambil menunggu oven dipanaskan.
4. Panaskan oven 220 derajat C.
5. Setelah 15 menit, keluarkan apple pie, oles atasnya dengan kuning telur, dan panggang selama 45-55 menit. Simpan pada suhu ruang selama 2-3 hari.


With love,

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pineapple Lattice Tart

This is my very first time trying lattice tart and it's actually not hard at all! I am falling in love with the way it looks, so adorable and sweet. 

So far I have made lattice tart crust twice, once with shortening and once with butter. The one with butter tastes so good and smells awesome, however it is not as pliable and flaky as the one with shortening. I like the one with shortening, super super easy to handle no matter how you turn it around and the texture is sooo gorgeous! I really suggest you to try that one, you can find the recipe here. ;)

The taste is similar to pineapple tart, but I admit that I prefer pineapple tart more because I can really taste the butter. But seriously, it is just so easy to make, a different way to enjoy your pineapple tart, great as a gift, and everyone will fall in love with the lattice pattern!

Pineapple Lattice Tart (translated to indonesian)
Source : WendyinKK

Bahan :
300 gr tepung terigu serbaguna
175 gr mentega asin beku (tambahkan garam secukupnya kalau pakai mentega tawar)
1 sdm gula bubuk
50 gr whipping cream (saya pakai susu secukupnya)
Isian nanas (lihat resep di bawah, siapkan terlebih dahulu)
1 kuning telur untuk olesan

Cara :
1. 1. Campurkan tepung, gula, dan mentega dengan food processor. (Jika tidak ada food processor, campur dengan tangan). Campuran akan berpasir pasir.
2. Tuang whipping cream sedikit demi sedikit sambil terus dicampur hingga adonan menyatu ketika ditekan.
3. Bentuk bulat dan tutup dengan plastik. Dinginkan di kulkas sekitar 1 jam.
4. Setelah 1 jam, letakkan di permukaan yang telah ditaburi sedikit tepung. Gilas adonan hingga diameter 12 inci (30 cm), kemudian masukkan ke dalam cetakan pie. Potong tepiannya hingga rapi.
5. Gilas sisa adonan bentuk persegi ukuran 9x5 inci (23x12 cm),  tutup dengan plastik dan dinginkan di kulkas selama 10 menit. Dinginkan juga kulit tart di dalam loyang.
6. Panaskan oven dengan suhu 200C.
7. Keluarkan sisa adonan dan potong memanjang ukuran 9x0,5 inci (23x1,3 cm).
8. Masukkan isian nanas di atas kulit tart dan ratakan.
9. Bentuk anyaman dengan potongan potongan yang telah dibuat, rapikan.
10. Oles permukaannya dengan kuning telur.
11. Panggang di rak paling bawah selama 40-45 menit.

Isian nanas (siapkan sebelum membuat adonan tart) :
600 gr nanas
120 gr gula pasir
2 inci (5 cm) kayu manis
3 cengkeh (saya tidak pakai)
1 sdm tepung maizena

1. Potong nanas menjadi kecil kecil.
2. Letakkan di panci bersama gula, kayu manis, dan cengkeh. Diamkan selama 10 menit hingga nanas mulai mengeluarkan sarinya.
3. Dengan api sedang, masak hingga nanas terasa lembut, tapi tidak hancur. Pisahkan kayu manis dan cengkeh.
4. Hancurkan nanas.
5. Masukkan tepung maizena, masak dengan api sedang hingga mengental.
6. Biarkan dingin sebelum digunakan.


With love,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Cross-stitch - Musique

A few months ago my friend told me that she was going to order cross-stitch kits from China and asked me if I want to order too. Of course I want to! So I ordered a few, I think 4 sets or so. My older sis asked me to do this one for her, so she can put it in her piano room. 

A friend suggested that I took pictures of the project and I think it's a super cool idea, I can use it to make a time lapse video!

So here it is ;)

With love,

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cheese Chocolate Brownies

I still remember last time about 4 or 5 years ago when I realized that I love baking so much. I started to go to the book recipe section whenever I went to a bookstore and I would be tremendously happy just by looking at it! 

This is one of recipe that I keep since last time and I just found it recently in the cabinet. I know I just have to try it out! The brownies is so moist and wonderful with the cream cheese on top. Too bad I did not have any cashews on hand and it lost it's wonderful nutty flavor and crunch. 

Source : Cheese & Fruit Brownies by Indriani

I am not really sure if I can share recipes from a book online, so maybe email me and I'll send it to you. ;)

With love,

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Who doesn't like sweet potato? It's so sweet, flavorful, and healthy snack! 

Okay, I know I like ALL the things that can be eaten. Sometimes my friends won't even believe me when I say "Oh, it's so delicious!", and they will be like "I doubt your palate, really". The good thing is I'm not a picky eater, take me for a meal anywhere you like and I'll still enjoy it! 

Dad bought lots of sweet potatoes recently. We usually steam and eat it with sprinkles of granulated white sugar or some honey. I prefer honey, I think I eat the honey more than the sweet potatoes.

Anyway, sometimes it's kind of boring to eat it just like that, so I tried to browse some easy recipes for sweet potatoes. I couldn't find many easy recipes and decided to try this one, the savory one. I just imagine theatit will be so amazingly sweet from the honey with wonderful cinnamon fragrance, and it was! Moreover, it is very easy to make, you just have to toss everything together and bake it the oven. It's perfect for snack, I couldn't stop eating!

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey and Cinnamon (Ubi Manis Panggang dengan Madu dan Kayu Manis)
Source : Tyler Florence (translated to Indonesian)

Bahan :
4 buah ubi manis ukuran sedang, kupas dan potong kotak ukuran 1 inchi
60 ml extra-virgin olive oil
60 ml madu
2 sdt bubuk kayumanis
Garam dan merica secukupnya

Cara :
1. Panaskan oven pada suhu 190 derajat C.
2. Susun ubi manis di atas loyang. Taburkan minyak, madu, kayu manis, garam, dan merica di atasnya. Panggang selama 25-30 menit atau hingga ubi lembut.


With love,

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Banana Bread

Dad bought me lots of bananas again~

When there are bananas at home, I will always leave it until darken and use it to try out some banana cake recipes. But that day was different. Mom asked me to bake some bread again, so my brother can bring it to school as snacks. I quickly open our family's favorite bread recipe from Keluarga Nugraha's website and also find some inspiration for the bread's shape. Of course I can't make round buns forever! :D

I found a very good inspiration from Citra Kusuma's blog. She also provides a step-by-step picture in shaping the dough! Love it so much! 

Banana Bread

Bun ingredients (adapted from Keluarga Nugraha) :
375 gr bread flour, sifted
75 gr castor sugar
20 gr milk powder
8 gr instant yeast
1/2 tsp salt
125 gr unsalted butter, softened, room temperature
Evaporated milk, for brushing dough (about 4 tbsp)

Mix well (egg mixture) :
1 egg yolk, lightly beaten
1 whole egg, lightly beaten
175 ml cold milk
2 tbsp condensed milk

Enough bananas for filling, and cheese for topping

Method :
1. In a big bowl,mix together flour, castor sugar, milk powder, yeast, and salt.
2. Pour egg mixture little by little, knead to combine.
3. Add softened butter, knead until dough is smooth, soft, and elastic.
4. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let dough proof for 30 mins until dough has doubled in volume.
5. Deflate dough using the heel of your hand, and divide into about 50 gr balls.
6. Let rest for 30 mins until dough puffed up.
7. Flatten dough to 1 cm thick and filled with half banana (click here for Citra Kusuma's step-by-step picture), and place on a parchment lined baking sheet.
8. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest for 15 mins. Preheat oven to 180°C.
9. Brush the dough surface with evaporated milk and bake for 30 minutes.


With love,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cheesy Chiffon Cupcakes

Today I want to introduce you another cool blog, Hesti's Kitchen by Hesti HH.! I went through all her posts and love it so much and pin them on Pinterest and bookmark them on my to-do list. I admire her beautiful pictures and clear, easy to follow instruction. It really encourages me to learn more about photography, props, editing, and all.

One of the recipe that I tried is this Cheesy Chiffon Cupcakes. I think I have mentioned before that my family is a fan of light, airy cake, so I think they will absolutely love this! And the result is superb! I use cream cheese frosting on top and decorate it with cheese, or you can simply sift powdered sugar on it. The thing that I love the most is the cheddar cheese inside, yes of course because I love cheese so so bad and enjoy chewing it. N even said that this is so far the best cake he has ever tried! Now I know he is a fan too. xD

Look how I tried to take picture on the inside part, it's not so clear but you can see the yummy cheese cubes! Isn't it just so tempting? 

Please try out the recipe, you'll love it! You can check the recipe by clicking on the link below :D
Source : Kitchen Corner (English) via Hesti's Kitchen (Indonesian)

Enjoy ;)

With love,