Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Seriously, I never know that bean curd sheet can be used for dessert! In my hometown, it's usually used only for savory dishes, like soup or stir fried. Then, there is this one restaurant in my campus in Malaysia that serve this amazing dessert and tried it out of curiosity. Since then it is my most favorite dessert in that restaurant! Okay.. I mean, I'm a barley-addict.. So yea, of course I like it. ;)

I have been thinking of making this for my family to introduce different kind of chinese dessert and to share the recipe with you guys, but I missed it during holiday. Now that I have opportunity to ask my sister to make everything that I like (although I can only see the pictures), I won't miss it!

By the way, I can rarely find someone who cooks ginkgo nuts in my hometown, or is it just me? My sister told me that they can only find it in the morning market. She also mentioned that she doesn't now how to call certain ingredients here in indonesian. As for me, of course I know it a few minutes ago from browsing the internet!*batting eyelashes*

'My family and friends likes the dessert, it's somehow unique for them because I put bean curd sheet inside, moreover my dad requested for cashew nuts in the dessert which make it more unique. The sweetness is just perfect.' - Sella

Barley and Beancurd Dessert with Ginkgo (translated to indonesian)
Source : Nasi Lemak Lover with modification (in english)

Bahan :
100g barley (jali), cuci dan bersihkan
100g kacang ginkgo, kupas cangkang dan kulitnya
kacang mede panggang sesuai selera
1 lembar kembang tahu, cuci dan rendam selama 5 menit, potong kecil
130g gula batu (atau sesuai selera)
3 lembar daun pandan
2000ml air

Cara :
1. Masukkan barley, pandan, dan air ke dalam panci besar. Didihkan. Ketika mendidih, tutup panci dan masak selama 30 menit dengan api kecil.
2. Masukkan kacang gingko, masak selama 30 menit.
3. Masukkan gula sesuai selera.
4. Masukkan lembaran kembang tahu terakhir (30 menit sebelum selesai memasak).
5. Dapat disajikan dingin atau hangat.


With love,
Sella & Julia 


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Great to know that you like this dessert. Thanks for the mentioned by the way.

Julia Selinda said...

@Sonia : thank you for dropping by, Sonia! :D

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