Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lychee Agar-agar - By Sella Selinda

I'm starting to miss baking so much! I can't do much here in Malaysia, the equipment is very limited and it is not as comfortable as my own kitchen. 

A few days ago my older sister in hometown told me that she wants to learn to bake and cook. And this great idea came to me, why not ask her to make something so I can update my blog more often? So I give her some recipes and tell her to help updating my blog! I am sooo glad that I can update more often while at the same time helping her to learn!

This is a super easy dessert which requires a very short time! My sister commented that the agar-agar is a little bit too hard for her liking, so she'll cut down the agar agar powder a little bit next time, maybe 2 to 2,5 packets. She'll also add more lychee for taste. Anyway, our family love the chewy and sweet lychee and it makes a good ending for their lunch. For information, my sister used flavored agar-agar powder so the color is a bit red, but plain agar agar powder will do as good. ;)

Agar agar Leci - Lychee Agar agar (translated to indonesian)
Sumber : kristygourmet.blogspot.com with modification (in english)

Bahan :
2L air
3 bungkus agar-agar powder 7 gram (bisa kurangi menjadi 2-2,5 bungkus kalau terlalu keras)
180gr gula pasir
1 kaleng buah leci, cincang kasar, campurkan kembali ke dalam airnya

Cara :
Campur agar-agar powder, air, dan leci. Didihkan larutan, masukkan gula. Masak dengan api sedang hingga larutan mulai mengental (sekitar 10 menit). Tuang larutan ke cetakan agar agar. Dinginkan.


With love,
Julia & Sella 


sella said...

And this is the first time my homemade cook is being published. :-)

My Little Space said...

Hi Julia, thanks so much for stopping by and giving this a try. Yours looks as amazing and glad that you like it too.
Have fun !
Blessings, Kristy

Julia Selinda said...

@My Little Space: Thank you so much, Kristy! ♥

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