Saturday, April 5, 2014

Few weeks ago I started to fall in love in steamed sponge cake which nicely bloom with crack! I was so curious and tried palm sugar steamed cake, and ended up with flat top. So, this is my second attempt in blooming my steamed cake!

I only made 1/4 recipe *tried not to waste more ingredients just in case hehe* and had 4 gorgeous blooming cakes! The texture is denser compared to the usual sponge cake that I have tried before and even 1 cake can fill you stomach so well. It smells so incredibly good and look pretty, but not so chocolatey to my liking *or maybe it is just me?*. Anyway, I guess you can put more chocolate chips inside to improve the flavor. Overall, I'm satisfied that I can finally make it bloom! 

Blooming Steamed Brownies (translated to English)
Source : Ny. Liem via Sashy Little Kitchen

Ingredients A:
400 gr powdered sugar
200 gr eggs (about 4 eggs)
320 ml water
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Ingredients B:
400 gr all purpose flour
50 gr cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder

Ingredient C:
20 gr cake emulsifier

Ingredient D:
50 gr chocolate chip 

1. Beat ingredients A about 5 minutes with high speed.
2. Sift in ingredients B, beat for 1 minute to combine with low speed.
3. Add ingredient C, beat again for 5 minutes with high speed.
4. Add ingredient D, mix well.
5. Prepare about 18 steamed cake pans and line with cupcake liner, pour the batter until full. (I use cupcake pan and it works well)
6. Steam for about 16 minutes on high heat. (remember not to open the lid before the time or it won't bloom)


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Anonymous said...

Ok I'm hungry now ..

Julia Selinda said...

@Anonymous: hehe :D

Sashy said...

Mekar banget ya Mba bolkusnya ...

Julia Selinda said...

@Sashy : iya nih mbak, pertama kalinya mekar.. hehe.. makasi uda sharing resepnya yaa :D

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