Monday, February 17, 2014

Cross-stitch - Musique

A few months ago my friend told me that she was going to order cross-stitch kits from China and asked me if I want to order too. Of course I want to! So I ordered a few, I think 4 sets or so. My older sis asked me to do this one for her, so she can put it in her piano room. 

A friend suggested that I took pictures of the project and I think it's a super cool idea, I can use it to make a time lapse video!

So here it is ;)

With love,


delwin said...

hi sist, lucu banget cross stick ny. ..
boleh minta pola nya ga , hehe :)
tx, indri

Julia Selinda said...

@indri: waduh polanya uda aku tanda2in pakai stabilo, jadi nggak kebaca lagi sist..

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