Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Or maybe 'Happy Belated Valentine's Day'? Hm...

Anyways, I had a very lovely Valentine's Day!

I made chocolate cornflakes for my friends and colleagues from the hotel I'm working, and enjoy it so much! They were like 'Wow, how you make this?', but oh it's a super simple things to do, people. Just mix together melted chocolate and cornflakes, and TA-RAA~~~~ You have these! xD

For the exact measurement and directions, click here.

I was so excited while making this and forgot to take pictures! So I just took some after I finished everything and take this picture below from my friend. Thanks for the picture, Felicia!
I realized that some people tend to hate Valentine's Day simply because they don't have partner, like boyfriend or girlfriend, etc. But why? You can still share love and make people smile, isn't it the greatest thing ever? And yes, frankly I say, I am single and love my Valentine's Day so much!

Hope you enjoy yours too

With love,


Anirudh said...


Nice to see someone writting religiously for blog. Nice photos and nice posts.

This is Anirudh, I am from India, I will be moving to indonesia next month for employment. I will be staying at pontianak for sometime.

I need ur help to know abt the place, as i am moving with my family.

Will you help me to know this place.
Thanks in advance.


Julia Selinda said...

Hi Anirudh, thanks for dropping by! :D
Sure, feel free to email me if there's something I can help :D

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