Friday, January 25, 2013

Cinnamon Roll

Hello sweeties!

After months of internet connection problem in my apartment, last week they finally fix it! Then you ask me why I update my beloved blog again only after a week? I'll honestly answer, I was very busy with these 4 deadly things :
1. Work in hotel for my internship
2. Work in hotel for my internship
3. Pinning in Pinterest
4. Work in hotel for my internship

Now let me tell you the story of my days...

Warning : I swear this is an absolutely boring story, so I suggest you to skip this and proceed to the link below for the recipe. Thank you.

As I've finished my 3rd semester, I am required to take an internship in a hotel for 3 months. At first, I thought that it will be a very tiring and stressing thing to do, and it is actually TRUE! I leave home early in the morning and reach home late, then eat and sleep and do the same thing over and over again everyday. But now I'm wondering why I feel sad that I've finished 1 month there. Now I want it a bit longer, to laugh and share story with the staffs, smile to the people that I never even know before, do new things and challenged. I think I kind of enjoy all the works that I have to do now... But , oh, how I love off day!

For the rest of my little free time, I'll surely checking the fabulous Pinterest! I can even spend hours, my whole day for it. That site is just so addictive and can sweep away all my burden *i'm serious!*. Just look at those tiny little pictures and please do agree with me!

Talking about sweeping my burden, the smell of cinnamon can also gives joy to me. ♥ That is the reason why I love cinnamon roll soooo much, especially those in Cinnabon. I can't resist the amazing smell of the brown sugar and cinnamon calling for me to buy them... I'm a loser for such things...

I never know that cinnamon roll is a pretty easy yummy thing to do! And lesson learned : 'You will get a funny cinnamon roll shape if you force yourself to bake one full recipe in a tiny little oven'. Luckily, I still managed to save this little one here~ xD

brown sugar + cinnamon = a heavenly smell! ♥

My family loves this as much as I am and I'll definitely bake another batch again! ♥

Recipe from He doesn't have the step-by-step pictures *like I usually prefer*, but he explains it very clearly so it's worth trying! Enjoy ♥

With love,
Julia ♥


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