Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Second Painting

We may be apart in distance, but never in heart. So please look at me and never turn around

my second painting

With love,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My First Painting

Recently I am in love with painting so much and days ago I couldn't help myself picking painting stuff randomly (randomly, i tell you). Yes, I have no idea which one to choose as I don't have any knowledge about it at all. This passion really brought me this far, huh...

So, this morning I tried it out and here it is, my very first painting! :D

There's still a lot to learn!

With love,

Confirmation Card Gift

Yes, it is another gift from our beloved friend, Annie Ling!
Isn't she a gorgeous card-maker? xD

I was confirmed in St. Thomas More Church last easter and I chose 'Philomena', a patron saint of youth, as my confirmation name. :D

Saint Philomena is venerated as a virgin martyr saint of the Catholic Church, said to have been a young Greek princess martyred in the 4th century. Her name "Filumena" meant "daughter of light". (It is usually taken to be derived from a Greek word meaning "beloved"). (wiki)

short messages from choir members

Thank you so much, guys! I love you all~

With love,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easter Bookmark Gift

Hi again! :D

It's been a month I'm here in Kuala Lumpur and kind of busy with all of the things.

So yes, I'm here again today to show you what I was given last Easter day, a pretty adorable hand-made bookmark from Annie Ling~

I knew her when I join the 11.30 am choir in STM church. She's so modest and friendly, I adore her and all of her works, creative and simply amazing. ;)
Do visit her by clicking here

Okay, short one as always ;)

With love,