Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Back *again* !

Hello *again*, sweethearts~! ;)

More than a week post nothing, I think I've been doing sinful things after had some fun on Valentine's Day... *sigh* So those sinful things are :
1. sitting comfortably *i mean, lazily* in front of computer
2. thinking about how wonderful screen-gazing is to spend your whole day.

I've been wasting my life holiday, so I just decided to do something more meaningful tomorrow. And the meaningful things are :
1. watch Spirited Away *downloaded, life is perfect ♥*
2. bake something

Yes, it's decided.

And yes, I post this just to say that.

With love,

i'm still waiting for my cousin to send me our valentines-day-activity pictures, so i'll post that as soon as possible! ;) *im a slowpoke i know, forgive me please*


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