Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Childhood Memories ♥

Actually today's post is quite personal and perhaps will be interesting amongst my own family only.

So here's the story ;)

2 days ago I found some old photo albums on the table, I looked at each photograph and it's just so nostalgic... :') Then I went scan it quickly! I also found Mom and Dad's old photographs~

Here's some of it~

mom became the conductor of the choir

mom (center)

dad & mom (before married, i think...) ♥

my older sister

me! xD

my little sister

me, sis, and her classmates

my 5th birthday party

sis' 8th birthday party

my 6th birthday party

lil sis' 4th birthday party

my little brother's 1st and dad's 35th birthday party (they have the same birthday ♥)

lil sis' 7th birthday party

my sis (left), me (center), lil sis (right) with our baby brother

my handsome little brother!

I absolutely LOVE my family!


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