Friday, February 3, 2012

Cheese Steamed Brownies

Hello, cake-eater!

I 'accidentally' bought a bottle of cheese cream the last time I went for baking-shopping. Frankly I always do that, buy a bunch of seems-so-yummy-thingy I see in the shop, end up keeping it in a 'save-place' at home and completely forget about them. *im sorry, seems-so-yummy-thingy!*

This morning I counted how many days left for me to hanging around here and I realized that it's about 2 months more, 2 months more and I have to go back to Kuala Lumpur... Reality is rough. I mean, I know I am having a really long holiday here *about 4months*, but although you've thought about it a hundred times,leaving your loving family is still a hard matter, don't you agree?? So I thought I have to be more active for today the remaining days, not just sitting lazily in front of my laptop. Then I checked the kitchen and found a bottle of cheese cream! *heaven, isn't it? ;)*

Alright, so here's the recipe! *in indonesian as usual* ;)

Cheese Steamed Brownies (Brownies Kukus Keju)

Bahan A:

3 butir telur
100 gr gula
1 sdm TBM

Bahan B:

60 gr tepung terigu
20 gr maizena
1 sdt garam
40 gr susu bubuk

Bahan C:

250 cream cheese
50 gr butter dikocok sampai lembut

Cara membuatnya:

Kocok bahan A sampai mengembang. Masukkan bahan B lalu aduk sampai rata. Kocok bahan C sampai halus kemudian masukkan ke adonan lalu aduk sampai rata. Tuang ke loyang lalu kukus kurang lebih 20 menit. Potong, dan hidangkan. (

You really have to try this if you are a fan of cheese! Somehow my little brother doesn't like the smell of cream cheese *he ate a piece,though*, I have no idea how the smell supposed to be, but I'm a cheese-fan and simply love it! The texture is sooo soft that you can't help to eat more and more~ Enjoy! ;)

With Love,


anfauz said...

kayaknya enaaak O.O

Julia Selinda said...

iyaa enak~ hahhaha xD

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