Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello, candies~! ♥ ;)

It's 8th January today and I wonder if it's too late to say 'Happy New Year!' to all of you guys... Well, just hope we can be better this year and learn much more valuable things for our life~

Another pretty late thing to tell, I went for cruise trip last christmas with my family and it was awesome~

That's a week before Christmas Day and my older sister so insisted that we have to go for holiday. We really had no idea where to go as her holiday was almost over and dad casually suggested a cruise vacation. Mom immediately called an agent to take care everything for a 3-nights-trip and a week later we're in HarbourFront Centre Singapore, ready for it!

while waiting for the queue, took another picture~

once we enter the cruise ship, each person will get this card to enter the restaurants and our room

covered with pretty carpet ♥

sometime use the stairs is a better idea... ;)

grand piazza, the lobby of the ship

free meals in mediterranean buffet~ ♥

mediterranean terrace for morning and afternoon tea

the view in mediterranean terrace

at wet and wild~

galaxy of the stars, enjoy the games here

go down for captains bridge

it's a small room with some pictures of the ship, history, and the acknowledgments, also you can see the crews from behind the glass

the observatory in galaxy of the star, pretty nice view ♥

our room

free meals in the pavilion, chinese restaurant~ ♥

for breakfast

for dinner

free meals in bella vista, a western restaurant

the lido, performance stage

arrived in swettenham pier, penang

in phuket, thailand

the third night, we had a farewell party in grand piazza with the crews

we had a great gala dinner afterwards ;) ♥

By the way, each night they will leave a schedule for the next morning in your room, so it's better for you to read it all so you'll know what to do and of course, what to eat in the next day! ;)

Overall, it's a perfect trip and I really re
commend this~!

With love,
p.s. so sorry for the really long post! I've tried my best to make it shorter... xD


anfauz said...

wooa... nice trip :D

happy new year too :D

Julia Selinda said...

yes it is! xD

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