Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rock Your Shoe Laces !

I got these pictures from one of my senior years ago and I still keep them until now! xD

By the way, my senior is Kak Icha. She's so friendly and ALWAYS hilarious, also a really great dancer. The last time I met her is when the last lunar new year, so I hope she's doing well now..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Before rush to church to join mass that start at 3 pm *my friends and I decided to gather at 2 pm* , I turn on my PC and post this just to say :
Happy Easter, Guys!
...and alsoo..
Happy Holiday for 3rd senior high school grader!!

I am so excited that now all of us *XII Science A* have finished the exam. Really, I actually enjoy those time when we feel nervous and the togetherness in the same time! I'm so sure I'll miss all of you guys! *sad*
Thanks for all of the joyful, sorrow, stressful, and all of the unique moment that we've shared together! I believe those are will the most precious moment in my life! =)

Oh, and hope all of us can pass the test and feel delighted!

For Saint Paul Senior High School Students :
See you guys on 5th May at school for The Farewell Party
Prom Night "Saint Paul High Time Travel" at Aston Hotel on 7th May! *don't miss this one!* ;)