Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ShowTime Indonesia

ShowTime Indonesia is the first free online karaoke game in Indonesia...


Yesterday I spent my day play this new online game! *happy* It is a really nice game where you can have fun and improve your singing in the same time. I also tried ShowTime SEA and it's slightly different from the ShowTime Indonesia, there're a lot of eastern songs and my favourite western songs in ShowTime SEA whereas ShowTime Indonesia has less new western song and more indonesian songs. As I'm not really enjoy indonesian songs, sometimes I'm quite confuse what song to sing... The other thing is ShowTime SEA gives their new players a pretty cool permanent outfit as ShowTime Indonesia's new players will wear almost nothing. So sad, isn't it? But nevermind, maybe that's because it's still new and still improving here and there, keep up the good job, guys! ;)

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Kpbyuw1Yn3M/Tt3LZy77xnI/AAAAAAAABBc/uunPf8_Gbps/s1600/Untitled.png http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ynCGrBMe6lQ/Tt3LaOC8WvI/AAAAAAAABBo/8S0RPGRewEw/s1600/Untitled1.png
left:showtime sea's new player, right:showtime indonesia's new player

The good thing from ShowTime is you can hear other people's singing too! Ah, that's really great because I also love to hear people... xD O yea, there's one more thing, when you're singing a song, you cannot do your beautiful improvisation to the song like I did as you like because you have to sing in the exact tune as the singer, so it's not as easy as you think! hahahahahhaa
Well, I just hope they will add up more western songs and give us proper clothes,please.! ;)

Overall, I absolutely love ShowTime Indonesia and keep playing it all the time, even now when I'm typing this post. tee-hee

Alright, here's the facebook link to download. Enjoy the game! ;) ♥

ps. please tell me if you play, it'll be nice if we can sing together~ xD


gjerziemarcaida said...

Asians are known for being a good singer.
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Julia Selinda said...

@gjerziemarcaida : really?? thx..xD but i know lots of incredible western singer as well..;)

Christove said...

wah..main yuk jul..tpi aq blm dwld yg SEA..hehhe
nick mu apa di yg indo ? :)

Anonymous said...

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