Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas! ♥

I know it's too early to say this :


But really I have to say it now because I won't be home for christmas, I'm going to Singapore for Super Star Virgo Cruise! I'll be going with my family tomorrow and so excited about it. As this is my first cruise trip, I hope it will be great ♥

And for those of you out there wondering why I'm rarely online these days, this is what I've been doing : crocheting~ ♥

Link...7 snowflakes for decoration. I followed the tutorial by Teresa. She is really great and I love all her videos. She explains very clearly and so easy to follow especially for a beginner like me. Click here to visit her blog~

...a beanie hat for my little cousin, and my bad, it IS too small. But well, I've decided to crochet another one for him next time. xD

...a Jack Russell Terrier! Oh, I love this one so much.♥ I found the pattern from Ami Ami Dogs Magazine and it's my first time reading a pattern~ I mean, yea, it's a pretty easy pattern but I'm so happy! Well, I can't wait to crochet other dogs!

That's it!
Before I finish this post, I just wanna say have a merry merry christmas for you who celebrate it~ ;) ♥

Oh btw, do you know that now you can change your wall in facebook to a timeline?? I think it's pretty cool and this is a cover of mine~ xD

Alright then! Buh-bye, guys~♥

With love,
Julia ♥


uncle james said...

Have a superduper nice cruise holiday wif yr family !! Merry Christmas !!

Julia Selinda said...

thank you so much, uncle! xD

annieambriel said...

Julia, have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.. going on a cruise hah... have a fab time :)
My dear, your crochet creations are fabulous.. I love the litte doggie.. so cute.. and you make wonderful cap and everything.. u r so gifted :D.. must some tips from you :D

Julia Selinda said...

@annieambriel:thx a bunch, annie~! yup, that was a great time! xD sure, we can share lots of thing~ i cant wait to join u for papercrafting! ♥

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