Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas! ♥

I know it's too early to say this :


But really I have to say it now because I won't be home for christmas, I'm going to Singapore for Super Star Virgo Cruise! I'll be going with my family tomorrow and so excited about it. As this is my first cruise trip, I hope it will be great ♥

And for those of you out there wondering why I'm rarely online these days, this is what I've been doing : crocheting~ ♥

Link...7 snowflakes for decoration. I followed the tutorial by Teresa. She is really great and I love all her videos. She explains very clearly and so easy to follow especially for a beginner like me. Click here to visit her blog~

...a beanie hat for my little cousin, and my bad, it IS too small. But well, I've decided to crochet another one for him next time. xD

...a Jack Russell Terrier! Oh, I love this one so much.♥ I found the pattern from Ami Ami Dogs Magazine and it's my first time reading a pattern~ I mean, yea, it's a pretty easy pattern but I'm so happy! Well, I can't wait to crochet other dogs!

That's it!
Before I finish this post, I just wanna say have a merry merry christmas for you who celebrate it~ ;) ♥

Oh btw, do you know that now you can change your wall in facebook to a timeline?? I think it's pretty cool and this is a cover of mine~ xD

Alright then! Buh-bye, guys~♥

With love,
Julia ♥

Friday, December 16, 2011

Banana Cream Tartlet

At last, I BAKED again~ ;)

These months I didn't do any baking thinking that my oven wasn't working well. Then once I came back from Kuala Lumpur, I asked my dad if he can do something with it *he always does ;)*. Dad said that I might set a wrong setting and some days ago I decided to bake cupcakes with different setting. I was quite satisfied that I could find a good setting for it.
And once again, I bake! ♥

I found this recipe and I just couldn't help myself did it and it's so cute and *luckily* easy and yummy and creamy and crunchy !
So here it is~ ;)

Banana Cream Tartlet


200 gram tepung terigu protein sedang
2 sdm tepung maizena
125 gram margarin, dilelehkan
1 butir kuning telur
60 gram gula pasir
Sejumput garam *i forgot to add this T-T*

Bahan isi:

Whipped cream *i used 100grams*
5 buah pisang *i didnt use that many, though*
Cokelat putih *i was out of chocolate..*

Cara Membuat:

1. Panaskan oven dengan temperatur 170C, siapkan loyang.

2. Dalam wadah, kocok lepas margarin dan gula, tambahkan telur dan kocok lagi hingga warnanya menjadi kuning pucat dan tercampur rata.

3. Tambahkan tepung terigu dan maizena sedikit demi sedikit sambil diaduk rata, kemudian uleni dengan sendok kayu. Diamkan selama 20 menit dalam kulkas.

4. Keluarkan adonan, tipiskan adonan dengan roller hingga setebal kurang lebih 0.5 cm. Cetak dalam loyang tartlet, tusuk acak dengan garpu..

5. Panggang selama 10 menit, keluarkan dari oven dan dinginkan.

Cara Membuat Isi:

1. Lelehkan coklat putih, masukkan dalam pipping bag. Buat desain hiasan dengan bentuk memanjang di loyang yang telah dilapisi kertas roti.

2. Potong-potong pisang dengan ketebalan 0.5 cm, membentuk bulatan-bulatan.

3. Siapkan whipped cream, jika Anda membeli dalam bentuk bubuk atau cair, maka Anda harus mengocoknya dulu dengan mixer agar mengembang.

4. Masukkan whipped cream ke dalam pipping bag, isikan ke dalam tartlet. Tancapkan pisang di antara whipped cream yang menggembung. Hiasi dengan cokelat putih yang telah dicetak tadi.

enjoy ♥ ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Transeamus usque Bethlehem et
videamus hoc verbum quod factum est.
Transeamus usque Bethlehem et
videamus hoc verbum quod factum est.
Mariam et Joseph et Infantem
positum in praesepio,
Mariam et Joseph et Infantem
positum in praesepio,

gloria, gloria, Gloria,
gloria, gloria, gloria, in excelsis Deo.

eamus Gloria, gloria,
gloria, gloria,
Transeamus gloria, gloria,
gloria, gloria,
videamus multitudinem mi- gloria, gloria,
gloria, gloria,
litiae celestis laudantium Deum, Ma- Et in terra pax,
hominibus bonae volun-
riam et Joseph et Infantem tatis, bonae
voluntatis, bonae volun-
positum in praesipio tatis et in terra pax. Glo-
et ria.
videamus quod factum est,
et videamus quod factum est. (

This song was composed by Josef Schnabel and some people also call it Transeamus usque Bethlehem. It's a beautiful latin song and reminds me about the moment my friend and I played this song on violin for our high school's christmas event. Oh, I wish I can play this song again for another event! xD

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Here it is another christmas song~ I love this song because of 2 reasons, it is sung by Frank Sinatra *my idol indeed ;)* anddddddd it IS WALTZ! Oh, you know what, this song always makes me feel like waltzing around a glamorous ballroom with amazing gold carving wearing a disney-princess-like ball gown in a dreamy land filled with colorful flowers as birds are singing sweetly and flying freely and... er... *ahem* ok, forget 'bout it. Just enjoy the song! ;)

taken from youtube

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ShowTime Indonesia

ShowTime Indonesia is the first free online karaoke game in Indonesia...

Yesterday I spent my day play this new online game! *happy* It is a really nice game where you can have fun and improve your singing in the same time. I also tried ShowTime SEA and it's slightly different from the ShowTime Indonesia, there're a lot of eastern songs and my favourite western songs in ShowTime SEA whereas ShowTime Indonesia has less new western song and more indonesian songs. As I'm not really enjoy indonesian songs, sometimes I'm quite confuse what song to sing... The other thing is ShowTime SEA gives their new players a pretty cool permanent outfit as ShowTime Indonesia's new players will wear almost nothing. So sad, isn't it? But nevermind, maybe that's because it's still new and still improving here and there, keep up the good job, guys! ;)
left:showtime sea's new player, right:showtime indonesia's new player

The good thing from ShowTime is you can hear other people's singing too! Ah, that's really great because I also love to hear people... xD O yea, there's one more thing, when you're singing a song, you cannot do your beautiful improvisation to the song like I did as you like because you have to sing in the exact tune as the singer, so it's not as easy as you think! hahahahahhaa
Well, I just hope they will add up more western songs and give us proper clothes,please.! ;)

Overall, I absolutely love ShowTime Indonesia and keep playing it all the time, even now when I'm typing this post. tee-hee

Alright, here's the facebook link to download. Enjoy the game! ;) ♥

ps. please tell me if you play, it'll be nice if we can sing together~ xD

Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is a song introduced by Judy Garland in the 1944 MGM musical Meet Me in St. Louis. Frank Sinatra later recorded a version with modified lyrics, which has become more common than the original. The song was written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane. (wiki)

As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday me and my friends : Mega, Tio, and Alwy had a little reunion. Actually at first Mega and I just want to hang out together, but idk why these two boys can join us then by some reasons we asked them to join us... Hahaha... When we were talking about christmas songs, suddenly Tio reminded me about this beautiful song, my favourite christmas song indeed!

I knew this song last year and so far my favourite is the one by David Archuleta and Charice Pempengco. I also knew Charice because of this song, her voice is so powerful and combined with David's voice, I absolutely love it! ♥

find the mp3 by clicking here ! ;)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ok, this will be a really short post as I have to plan something important for tomorrow with my friends and some christmas projects! tee-hee ;)

So yea, my sister and I sing this song all the time and it is just a super sweet song, especially the one by Natalie Cole and David Foster~ ♥

Natalie Cole David Foster - My Grown-Up Christmas List (1990)

Do you remember me
I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you
With childhood fantasies

Well, I'm all grown up now
Can you still help somehow
I'm not a child
But my heart still can dream

So here's my lifelong wish
My grown-up Christmas list
Not for myself
But for a world in need

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
Every man would have a friend
That right would always win

And love would never end
This is my grown-up
Christmas list
What is this illusion called

The innocence of youth
Maybe only in their blind belief
Can we ever find the truth
There'd be no more lives torn apart

And wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
Every man would have a friend
And right would always win
And love would never end

This is my grown-up Christmas list
This is my only lifelong wish
This is my grown-up Christmas list
Hoo---, hoo--

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm HOME! OMG, I'm just so happy that I can meet my family and gather with them again! There's no better place than home, isn't it? ;)

As Christmas Day is coming, from today onwards 'The Song of The Day' will be my favourite christmas songs! *yipee*

Love is Christmas by Sara Bareilles

I don’t care if the house is packed,
Or the strings of light are broken.

I don’t care if the gifts are wrapped,
Or if there’s nothing here to open.

Love is not a toy, and no paper will conceal it.
Love is simply joy that I’m home.

I don’t care if the carpet is stained;
we have food upon the table.

I don’t care if it’s gonna rain,
or our room is warm and stable.

Love is who we are, and no season can contain it.

Love would never fall for that.

Let love lead us, love is Christmas.

Why so scared that you’ll mess it up?
Imperfection keeps you haunted.

All you need is your best my love,
that’s all anyone ever wanted.

Love is how we do, let no judgement over- rule it.
Love I look to you, and I sing.

Let love lead us, love is Christmas. Let love lead us, love is Christmas.

My favourite part in this lyric is 'Love is simply joy that I’m home', it's so true and perfect for my condition. Hahahaha...

thx to gabby for recommend this song