Sunday, November 6, 2011

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

Yesterday I went for lunch with my sister, Sella, and her friend,Valencia. We decided to eat at Levain and seriously, it was great! The place is like a colonial-style bungalow and it's superr LOVELY! ♥ The price range is normal and I think that's worth it.

pretty front door (me & valencia)

me & sella

cute macaroons~ ♥

For the macaroons, I like durian the most! Hahahahaha... And really, the price is slightly higher than the others. I also love raspberry and green tea! xD

This is the front part of Levain, just below is the cashier area, above is another seats, left side is the bakery area, and right side are seating area and macaroons' display.

with my beef olio spaghetti

We were sitting upstair because downstair was really crowded. It's so comfortable with beautiful windows and paintings. Oh, I wish I have a house like this!! xD


We took some pictures in front of the restaurant before leaving. I'll definitely come again next time!
By the way, here's the website :

pictures taken by valencia


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