Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gabby's Farewell Party

I still can't believe Gabby has to leave us!!

Just so you know, Gabby is one of the choir member in the 11.30 mass' at our church. She's singing alto and I do too, so we always sing together and since I am not really good in harmonizing the melodies, she helped me a LOT! She's soo angelic, like seriously! She's kind and friendly and mature and... oh well, too much to be mentioned, but I *and i'm sure other people too* like the most from her is her beautiful voice and how she tries to improve her talent~! Although I just know her for about 4 months, I'm really touched by her kindness and how she has been helping me especially in the choir...

gabby in the middle with white shirt

As she'll be leaving on Tuesday, so today our choir members arranged a little farewell party for her. Things that amazed me a lot is Annie's cute handmade farewell card and Aunty Cynthia's gorgeous cake! Both of them are incredibly talented! xD

handmade card by annie :

gabby (middle) and aunty cynthia (right)

Alright, back to Gabby...

I will miss you a lot!!!!!!!!!!


annieambriel said...

Such a sweet blog, huh.. gotta to come by more often and read.. I am following you :)
Thanks for liking my card and shout out!!!! I really appreciate it so very much.. :)

Julia Selinda said...

thank you, annie! xD
i adore ur blog soo bad! hahahaha xD

Gabonk said...

Jul, gabby here! :)
I will be stalking you from your blog.
Thank you so much for this special post. Aku terharu :') enjoy hometown!

Julia Selinda said...

@Gabonk:gabbyyyyyy~~!!! hope to see u soon!! >,<

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