Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Card Reader

Actually I have no plan to buy a new card reader, but accidentally I found a cute one at my friend's booth *there's a bazaar in my campus last week* and... ta-da~~ I bought one~

I hope by buying this I can post more more things in my blog! xD

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Uncle James' Van

Here it is! The van which takes us to Taylor's University everyday~

I bought some snacks after class and Vivi, my housemate, helped me with the stuff xD *thx for helping me carry those heavy things,vivi!*

Uncle James said that we're going to have a new shuttle van because :

*click on the picture and read the caption*

Uncle James : "We need to buy a Shuttle van wif a taller roof....otherwise it will disturb the gurls' hair !!"

Ohh, uncle really understands us! xD

caption : She actually din wanna leave the Hello Kitty van at all....

So will we have a new van with a cute Hello Kitty printed on it again?? I can't wait to see

Friday, August 19, 2011

Last week was a really pain(t)ful day!

Taylor's students who live in Mentari Court 17th joined paintball in Tanamera, Sungai Buloh! At first, my seniors asked Uncle James, the landlord of Mentari Court 17th floor, about this activity and at last they asked 40 people to join. It was my very first time join paintball and I kind of excited *to shoot people* hahhahahaha... So that Saturday we got up so early in the morning and took bus to go to the place. Uncle James provided us some breakfast, milo and hot dog *happy*.

I forgot what time exactly we arrived, maybe about 8 or 9 o'clock. Then after some people explained about the rules and all, we prepared all of our 'war thingy' *already forgot the name* then we start! xD

It found it quiet fun when I shoot some people *sorry*, but I myself was shot and after some rounds I decided not to continue. Hhahahaha... Some of my friends also can't survive, so we had a walk around there.

There was so many horses there and as I love animals so much, I can't help looking at them! ♥

After the tiring day, at last we went home... We had a shower then went to Umami Steamboat for dinner, love the ice cream the most! It was nice, all of us gathered together was so memorable ♥ Hhe

Thank you for Uncle James for that tremendously fun day! ;)