Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Day Living in Kuala Lumpur

Actually I arrived yesterday, but the photographs I took were on my phone and I can't find the driver for Windows 7! *oh my* So at late night I decided to move it to my sister's lappie then move to mine. Yeah, quite troublesome, but I can't wait to post it! Hahahaa...

in front of our room : a doormat, panda slippers (my sist's), and monkey slippers (mine)

I enrolled at Taylor's University, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. So, I moved to Mentari Court Apartment, 17th floor with my older sister, Sella. Later, my friend named Vivi will stay in the left room *yayy~!* and Rudi will stay in the same floor but, of course, in different house! Hahaha


bed linen from home

The orientation will begin on 20th July. I hope everything will be just fun and fine.
Well, wish me luck.? xD

ps:i hope i can take more photo~!!!


Anfauz said...

woow... nice room :) can't wait for other photos...

Julia Selinda said...

hahahhaa.. the room is getting more untidy day by day.. xD

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