Monday, May 9, 2011

On last 7th May 2011, my school held a prom night at Majestic Coffee Shop Indoor - poolside, Aston Hotel. It was so excited because all of them were so awesome! Hahahaha... xD

julia selinda with her prom dress! te-he xD

It was held at 5 pm until 10 pm. I never expected that the teachers enjoy the party too! They took some picture at poolside and almost all the student wanted to take photograph together with them. Oh, I was so relieved to see that! =)

Below are Mardi, a great rapper from my class and Karina, my unforgettable deskmate! On the next picture are Winda and Michael, love their suits! ♥

Left : Kevin as our yearbook's leader and Nikki as this beautiful prom's leader. They were great! Right : Komeng and Dian, King and Queen from our class! Congratz!! Always love this cute couple! Hahahaa

Left : It is me! Hhe. Right : Boys from my class, XII Science A, (left to right) Fabtino, Komeng, Kevin. Thanks to Fabtino for these pictures on this post!

(left to right) Acia, Karina, Julia (me), Nikki, Ellen. We're FRIENDS FOREVER

XII Science A @ Prom Night with our homeroom, Pak Niko

Left : Me and Mega, my best friend from junior high school, she was looking nice! Right : Me and Anne, love her suit!

Pictures of me with dedek and Marvi. ^^

The graduation announcement is on 16th May, I hope everything will be just ok and all of us can be graduated! =)

ps : bunch of thx to fab, the photographer of the day! and sorry to trouble u. hahahaa...


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