Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Angel's Secrets

This is my second post in 2011! lol xD

Well, I am a bit busy these days, preparing this and that. And ya, you know what I mean, it's all about exam! Study more at school and having course after that... Err...these days I feel want to spend more time hanging out with friends, though. Beside that... my time full of just-sit-do-nothing or keep eating. Hahahaa... I really wish that I can post more more things about my life as soon as possible...
*and also wish that I don't gain weight..DIET!*

By the way, in the last Lunar New Year, something special happened. But I don't really remember what day is it
*maybe in the first day of lunar new year or what*. In that day, all my family gathered in my house. There're my cute and cool cousins and also my sister, Sella, who came back to Pontianak for holiday. That night we really didn't know what to do, so we decided to take some photographs *it's a have-to-know thing that we aren't tend to be narsism.lol*. Fortunately, there was my 6 years old *if i not wrong* cousin named Nia who can help us to take the photographs. She was so excited in helping us and without hesitation, I kept asking for her help. xD

this is it! Nia, our cute little photographer~

After that, didn't what we are thinking about that time, suddenly a group named 'Angel's Secrets', which is created by my sisters, cousins, and I, was built. And here's the member :
Sella Selinda (my older sister) as First Secret
Julia Selinda (me!) as Second Secret
Selvi Selinda (my little sister) as Third Secret
Livia Permatasari (my cousin) as Fourth Secret
Melisa Ardiyani (my cousin) as Fifth Secret
Ferya Margo (my cousin) as Sixth Secret

from left to right : livia, sella, julia(me), ferya, melisa, selvi

captured a beautiful moment here~

It is a group to make a bond between us. ;)

I love photography *not really good,though* and when it is about it, I just feel so excited. Six of us really enjoyed those time, of course. Then we discussed about our ‘special greeting’ and all fun things we can do. Everything was incredibly awesome!

(left to right) back row : ferick, winsen, elvan, william
front row : vincent, vani, selvi, laudya, sella, julia, velen, ferya, nia, livia, melisa

i love this photo so much!! so adorable~


Anfauz said...

happy family

sella said...

really happy to see all bond together...

RafSelinda said...

@anfauz:absolutely yes! xD
@sella:it's a really rare occasion that all of us can gather here..xD

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