Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Retreat, Here I Come~

oh, i really can't wait!! we will have a retreat at Laverna (at Sanggau) for 3 days, start from tomorrow. after canceled my course *thx to my beloved teacher, lol* and prepared this and that *i hope i didn't forget anything*, i decided to bake some cookies. actually i didn't have any plan of doing that, but a friend told me to bring some cookies for retreat *although he didn't join it* and i take it as a challenge. lol

then, jan hagel won it as it's very easy to make and i have all of the ingredients at home~

it is being baked now~ well, i'm a little worried it'll be too stiff cause i used high-protein flour..
oh, i hope it'll be ok..

Retreat, Here I Come~ xD


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