Saturday, October 30, 2010

Retreat at Laverna - Day 1

On 27th we were told to gather in front of Kaisar at 06.oo am for retreat at Laverna, Sanggau. I was ready with my Burberry suitcase and big USA flag-motif handbag. Most of xii science a's were in the second group (there were 4 in total) and sat in 2nd bus. There were about 60 people *i forget the exact number* in this group with Mr. Frans and Miss Lenny as our guide.

We left at about 06.30 am. It was nice, Jefry played guitar for us and we really enjoyed it. Oh btw, my cookies were not really bad *they said so~!*. Did everybody in the bus try it?? xD

I never know that Laverna is so large! We gathered in the hall and a nun told us where to sleep and all. My roommate is Karina *thanks, God!* and there were Ellen and Nikki in the next room. After had some snack, we gathered in the hall again at 04.00 pm. There we were divided into some groups. And I was in the 5th group with :
~ Kevin, our group's leader. Didn't do much, but help a lot at games~! =) *i guess so*

~ Thomas, the leader of the whole retreat members, who had to ring bell as sign for us. A real crazy boy! xD *made me laugh at all his jokes*
~ Vincent, a wise boy *and i just realized it!*
~ Winda, my lovely and smart classmate. She became a writer of 5th group! *thanks, winda~!*
~ Oktafia, a diligent one, i guess.. xD
~ Devina, a superb-funny girl~! Loves her! lol xD
~ Wilia, a girl who good at dance and friendly. =)

At night about 11.00 pm, Karina and I visited Nikki and Ellen's room for a chat. And there was Filma too. Suddenly we met Winda and dedek, so we continued until about 02.30 am. Btw, we had to wake up at 05.15 am. What a nice day~

That's the first day~! Will be updated soon~

*click on the name to check their facebook profile
**haven't get any photo for this day, still looking for it...T-T


sella said...

but u can take the photo of the view n ur friends, right?=)

RafSelinda said...

ya,i didnt take one for first day. and we weren't allowed to keep phone while retreat. so i'm still waiting for my friends' and from miss lenny

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