Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Baking Trial ♥

yesterday i baked Jan Hagel. at first i thought that it'll be bad as always, but you know what?? i baked it well~~~~~♥
so that i brought some of it to school today for some comments..*shy*
i hope you can see the recipe clearly..i brought the left box to school and keep the right at home

thx for some of my friends who give it a try~
and i give the biggest thx for kevin, who give the best comment and sweetest compliment for me and also motivate me soooo well~ *please left some comment if you read this!*

*wish me can bring another yummy things to school~! xD


Kuro-Shiro said...

mau mau mau mau mau mau mau...

sella said...

make it when im going home.he7
mom also said very nice.

RafSelinda said...

@ardi:lgsg hbs pas aq ksi liat

RafSelinda said...

@sella:hahhahaa..xD i wanna bake everyday in holiday~ xD

Kuro-Shiro said...

wkwkwkwk..... ya sudalah wkwkwkwkwk... nice one :)

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