Monday, September 13, 2010

Precious Story to Hear

Yesterday, me and family went to uncle's house in Pahauman Village. I love that place : quiet, beautiful, and so many dogs..! xD

Soon after we arrived, i saw Teng Hi (means long ear), grandma's male mini dachshund near the front door. He is soo cool and I love him soo bad..! *lol* It made me remember of Teng Hi's childhood friend, A Ou (means blacky), an active and cute female mini pincher (also grandma's) which is already died because hit by a motorcycle.
i was looking at him near the front door, uncle and grandma were there too. then grandma started to tell me a story about Teng Hi...


Grandma, Teng Hi, and A Ou lived together in the past. But grandma can't live alone too long anymore, so she moved to my uncle's house along with her adorable doggies. Uncle lives with her wife in a beautiful house with beautiful scenery. He plants palm trees around his house.

teng hi with dad

teng hi again~

Teng Hi loved to sleep at the 1st floor, while A Ou loved at 2nd floor. A Ou also loved to eat the oil palm fruit.

One day at 5 a.m., uncle opened the front door and Teng Hi had a walk outside. Not long after that, he came back with oil palm fruit in his mouth. He went to the 2nd floor and gave it to A Ou! A Ou ate it. Since then he took oil palm fruit every morning and gave it to A Ou at the 2nd floor.


I dunno why he did that. And i know he must be sad when he had to lost her. Maybe it's just a simple story, but it sure touched my heart. I love animals and more when i know they can feel love that way...

can you see all 6 puppies?? xD

grandma's puppies
me among the palm trees

dad caught a fish!

*captured by me


The Little King said...

Namanya Teng hi ? xDDDD

btw, kok bisa ada ikan disitu... ? xD

RafSelinda said...
di situ ada byk kolam ikan jg..jd bs mancing deh.. xD
ni sapa y.?

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