Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Treasure Box

Now i want to tell you about my treasure box or you can say 'a box where I put things that I don't know where to put'. Oh, my precious treasure box! But don't expect any unique old wooden box *yes, it sure old, but..well..* with beautiful and wonderful carving in the corner... Because it is just a simple case *and i really mean it*.

That is my treasure box! *which one?* The green one!! Looks like it's going to explode because too many things inside! lol

Here it is! Maybe you know it, it's a case that my mother got for a bonus from a bank about 7 years ago. hahahaa..xD

And also i got that Chii printing about 3 years ago and i just sticked it there..xD

This is what inside. So messed up..==' But that's why I'm with it now -> time to TIDY it up! =)

There are some nametag from events i joined.

Next, file books! Still remember the moment you exchange file papers with your friends? lol. And I have bunch of it! xD

Bonus from Nakayoshi~ I was a Nakayoshi lover when in junior high school... But these days' comics are so00 expensive so i didnt buy them anymore...>,<

I also loved to collect stickers so much when i was in junior high school. but i just have these winnie the pooh and princess stickers and i don't know where the rest are.

Beautiful papers and envelopes~ I don't know why i also collect these... hahahaa..xD

CDs that contain some of my photos... I really confuse where i have to put them... >,<

I also keep these mandarin newspaper (Kun Dian Ri Bao) ! Why? Because...

there are my drawing and short story there! xD no need to zoom in *or it's ok if you don't even think to do that* cuz maybe i'll scan it later *if i remember,of course..xD*

Greeting cards from friends! xD I love them^^

Some dunno-what-things below...

Oops, my diary when i was 12 years old.!! xD btw, it just written 2 sheets, cuz people always try to read it..=='

We arrive at the last! So what is that? That's my story which i write when i was just about 11 or 12 years old... xD and it haven't finish yet... *thinking about going to finish it or not*

So that is my treasure box! I love to look at them so much! *although it's just a bonus plastic case, not an expensive wooden box with exotic carving* xD so why don't you have your own treasure box?? ;)

*and at last i gave up of tidy it up..too many things so that i can't put them well..=='
**photos captured by me


KengCioPhue said...

waaii.. barangnyaaa banyakk... dan komik kamu kerenn.. bisa gambar seperti itu... proporsinya bagus... :P

RafSelinda said...

iy,byk sampe nyaris ngk bs ditutup..!xD
wha,itu gbrnya kaku bgt...>,< nervous si pas gbr..haha..xD

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