Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baked Bread Pudding

that is my baked bread pudding~!xD hm.? well, i know it doesn't look like one... maybe because i just made 1/4 of the recipe *or maybe it's my destiny, always fail in baking T-T*. i won't give up, though... i'll make a better look next time~! but at least for now it's yummy~~♥

Bahan :

* 8 lbr roti tawar
* 1 cup susu putih tawar
* 7 sdm gula
* 3 sdm terigu
* 3 sdm mentega — cairkan
* 1 sdt vanilla
* 3 btr telur
* 1/2 cup almond cincang chocolate chips untuk taburan

Cara :

1. sobek2 roti tawar .. rendam dengan susu, sisihkan
2. Kocok telur dan gula sampai putih
3. masukkan terigu, lalu mentega cair, dan vanilla
4. masukkan campuran roti dan susu ke dalam adonan
5. campurkan almond cincang (optional)
6. tuang adonan ke dalam loyang atau pyrex yg sudah dioles mentega
7. tabur choc chips .. atau pake meisjes juga enak kok
8. panggang selama kurang lebih 35 menit .. sampe atasnya coklat …

Sumber dari blognya Mizz Tulalit, alicehellwig

i add cheese as the topping and it is also delicious, anyway. =) and i don't know in what temperature we have to bake it, so i think 170 celcius degree is ok. maybe you can try a temperature that is the best for you! ;) gud luck~ ♥


sella said...

it looks like bibingka coconut in BK...ha7!!!
o ya can u try bread butter pudding?i think it's easy also,the restaurant in my hotel make it for breakfast.

RafSelinda said...

ya,it really looks like bibingka coconut!xD
i just got bread butter pudding recipe,will try next time!xD

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