Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snow Princess' Recipe

yes,snow princess (putri salju,red)!!! lol
idk why it's become weird if i translate it to english.. xD

and YES! at last i know that beginner (especially a super beginner like me) have to start from cookie! super easy and... i still wondering when i can bake cake properly..=='

Putri Salju

Bahan :

  • 175 gram margarin
  • 3 kuning telur
  • 100 gram keju edam parut
  • 1/4 sendok teh garam
  • 175 gram tepung terigu, ayak
  • 30 gram tepung maizena
  • 350 gram gula bubuk (untuk ditaburkan)

Cara Pembuatan :

  • Siapkan loyang pipih, olesi dengan margarin, sisihkan.
  • Kocok margarin hingga mengembang, masukkan telur dan terus kocok hingga mengembang.
  • Masukkan tepung terigu, maizena, aduk rata, tambahkan keju edam dan garam, aduk rata hingga menjadi adonan yang dapat dibentuk.
  • Ambil satu sendok teh adonan. bentuk bola, taruh di atas loyang, beri jarak.
  • Panggang dalam oven dengan temperatur 160 derajat celcius selama 15 menit hingga matang.
  • Dinginkan, taburi dan lumuri dengan gula bubuk, hingga seluruh bagian kue tertutup gula, simpan dalam stoples kedap udara.

*it's also supeerrr yummy~!xD

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Low Fat Macaroni Schotel

another cheesy recipe~ xD
i went home at about 3.30 from school today and suddenly found out there was something in the oven! mom was baking macaroni schotel~~~~~ xD

mom got the recipe from Nova Tabloid and here it is..;)

Low Fat Macaroni Schotel

Bahan :
2 sdm minyak sayur
2 siung bawang putih, cincang
2 sdm tepung terigu
500 ml susu kedelai tawar
150 gr keju cheddar, parut
100 gr kacang polong beku
1 btr telur, kocok
1 btr putih telur, kocok
1/2 sdt garam
1/2 sdt lada bubuk
1/4 sdt pala bubuk
250 gr makaroni, rebus
3 lbr daging sapi asap, potong panjang
2 sdm keju parmesan, parut, untuk taburan

Cara Membuat :
1. Panaskan minyak sayur, tumis bawang putih sampai harum dan matang. Masukkan tepung terigu, aduk rata. Tuang susu kedelai, aduk cepat agar saus rata dan tidak menggumpal. Angkat.
2. Tambahkan keju cheddar, kacang polong, telur, putih telur, garam, lada, pala, makaroni dan daging asap, aduk rata.
3. Tuang adonan ke dalam pinggan tahan panas yang sudah diolesi sedikit minyak sayur, ratakan. Taburi atasnya dengan keju parmesan.
4. Panggang dalam oven dengan suku 170 derajat Celcius selama 30 menit. Angkat dan sajikan hangat.


Another Failed Cooking...

maybe you won't believe it, but those are donuts! oh well, i think i messed up the recipe.. =='
waiting for tomorrow for another fail cooking~ lol

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Little Garden

some days ago my pal asked me about a garden at my house's rooftop, so now i wanna show you how it looks like and what we can see from there..=)

the city

hooray~ i captured the bird!

how it looks like at night


the little garden

can you see the mountain's silhouette?

Kapuas Brigde is over there~xD

that's where the sun sets

Tanjung Pura street

*all captured by me

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i just come back from my grandma's house. all my families gathered there and ate together *it was really crowded! xD*, and there were soooo many kind of foods!! *yummmyyy*

i love moon cake~xD

my cousins~~xD

i was enjoy the food too much last night so can't take many photographs.. >,<

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Croque Bebe

a new super easy and yummy recipe~!xD

i fried 3 and just ate it with my little brother. i know he loves cheese so much *so do i~* so i added a bunch of it.. hahaha..xD

try it at home and hope you like it..=)

Resep Croque Bebe


1 telur

1/4 cup susu

2 slice keju lembaran

2 slice roti tawar

Minyak goreng

Cara membuat:

1. Kocok telur dan susu dalam mangkok.

2. Sisipkan keju diantara roti tawar. Masukkan roti isi keju kedalam campuran telur-susu, bolak balik sampai semua meresap ke roti.

3. Olesi wajan anti lengket dengan minyak goreng. Panaskan sampai cukup panas. Kecilkan api, letakkan roti masak sampai bawahnya kecoklatan, balik dan tungggu sampai kecoklatan juga.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Very First Shooting

and *again* it's Sunday. i take my time in my fitting room (mini-theatre room,red) looking at my family's CD collection and i found this!

i really forget about this CD...!

it's an debut album of baZta Band, my ex-violin teacher's band.

i was in the 10th grade when he asked me to join the shooting for their debut album and know what? i agreed easily! i was such a shy girl that time *er.. kind of..*, lack of fashion sense *at least i'm better now..*, and although i was so excited, i know i won't make it well as a pro model..!! *i was just a beginner model..T-T*

and so the shooting was done at my home until late night and i feel nervous about my performance. will i look bad? *and yes, i look bad..hahaa..xD*

well.. it was a nice experience, anyway.. xD

btw, here is the lyric ;)

Rasa Ini - baZta Band

Di kala aku sepi
bayangmu menghantui
Dekat rasaku
tapi kau jauh
Kau tak ada di sisi

Kucoba menepiskan
rasa rindu di hati
Semakin besar rasa cintaku
yang menghujam jantungku

Chorus :
Wahai kau cintaku
Cukup sudah tersiksa batinku
Jangan pergi
tinggalkan diriku
Aku tak sanggup menahan
semua rasa ini...

i'm there in the center~!!xD

my beloved teachers~

*taken from Tribun Pontianak Newspaper 5th and 6th semptember 2010
**thx a lot to karina for the newspaper~xD

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baked Bread Pudding

that is my baked bread pudding~!xD hm.? well, i know it doesn't look like one... maybe because i just made 1/4 of the recipe *or maybe it's my destiny, always fail in baking T-T*. i won't give up, though... i'll make a better look next time~! but at least for now it's yummy~~♥

Bahan :

* 8 lbr roti tawar
* 1 cup susu putih tawar
* 7 sdm gula
* 3 sdm terigu
* 3 sdm mentega — cairkan
* 1 sdt vanilla
* 3 btr telur
* 1/2 cup almond cincang chocolate chips untuk taburan

Cara :

1. sobek2 roti tawar .. rendam dengan susu, sisihkan
2. Kocok telur dan gula sampai putih
3. masukkan terigu, lalu mentega cair, dan vanilla
4. masukkan campuran roti dan susu ke dalam adonan
5. campurkan almond cincang (optional)
6. tuang adonan ke dalam loyang atau pyrex yg sudah dioles mentega
7. tabur choc chips .. atau pake meisjes juga enak kok
8. panggang selama kurang lebih 35 menit .. sampe atasnya coklat …

Sumber dari blognya Mizz Tulalit, alicehellwig

i add cheese as the topping and it is also delicious, anyway. =) and i don't know in what temperature we have to bake it, so i think 170 celcius degree is ok. maybe you can try a temperature that is the best for you! ;) gud luck~ ♥

Guitar Chords

have i told you that this website is really helpful??? xD

Friday, September 17, 2010


yesterday i found a beautiful song!! Love it soo bad! xD


We've come so far
To leave it all behind

I wonder why

Why did you go away
You left me all alone
No words can say
My love please stay

You and I
We have moments left to share
You and I
We can make it anywhere
You and I
We belong in each other arms
There can be no other love
Now I know we can have it all

Each night I pray
That we can be together
Once again

Forever more we'll stay
In love this way
No matter what they say
Until the end

You and I
We have moments left to share
You and I
We can make it anywhere
You and I
We belong in each other arms
There can be no other love
Now I know we can have it all

*download here : Martin Nievera - Forever (Duet with Regine Velasquez)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Treasure Box

Now i want to tell you about my treasure box or you can say 'a box where I put things that I don't know where to put'. Oh, my precious treasure box! But don't expect any unique old wooden box *yes, it sure old, but..well..* with beautiful and wonderful carving in the corner... Because it is just a simple case *and i really mean it*.

That is my treasure box! *which one?* The green one!! Looks like it's going to explode because too many things inside! lol

Here it is! Maybe you know it, it's a case that my mother got for a bonus from a bank about 7 years ago. hahahaa..xD

And also i got that Chii printing about 3 years ago and i just sticked it there..xD

This is what inside. So messed up..==' But that's why I'm with it now -> time to TIDY it up! =)

There are some nametag from events i joined.

Next, file books! Still remember the moment you exchange file papers with your friends? lol. And I have bunch of it! xD

Bonus from Nakayoshi~ I was a Nakayoshi lover when in junior high school... But these days' comics are so00 expensive so i didnt buy them anymore...>,<

I also loved to collect stickers so much when i was in junior high school. but i just have these winnie the pooh and princess stickers and i don't know where the rest are.

Beautiful papers and envelopes~ I don't know why i also collect these... hahahaa..xD

CDs that contain some of my photos... I really confuse where i have to put them... >,<

I also keep these mandarin newspaper (Kun Dian Ri Bao) ! Why? Because...

there are my drawing and short story there! xD no need to zoom in *or it's ok if you don't even think to do that* cuz maybe i'll scan it later *if i remember,of course..xD*

Greeting cards from friends! xD I love them^^

Some dunno-what-things below...

Oops, my diary when i was 12 years old.!! xD btw, it just written 2 sheets, cuz people always try to read it..=='

We arrive at the last! So what is that? That's my story which i write when i was just about 11 or 12 years old... xD and it haven't finish yet... *thinking about going to finish it or not*

So that is my treasure box! I love to look at them so much! *although it's just a bonus plastic case, not an expensive wooden box with exotic carving* xD so why don't you have your own treasure box?? ;)

*and at last i gave up of tidy it up..too many things so that i can't put them well..=='
**photos captured by me

Monday, September 13, 2010

Precious Story to Hear

Yesterday, me and family went to uncle's house in Pahauman Village. I love that place : quiet, beautiful, and so many dogs..! xD

Soon after we arrived, i saw Teng Hi (means long ear), grandma's male mini dachshund near the front door. He is soo cool and I love him soo bad..! *lol* It made me remember of Teng Hi's childhood friend, A Ou (means blacky), an active and cute female mini pincher (also grandma's) which is already died because hit by a motorcycle.
i was looking at him near the front door, uncle and grandma were there too. then grandma started to tell me a story about Teng Hi...


Grandma, Teng Hi, and A Ou lived together in the past. But grandma can't live alone too long anymore, so she moved to my uncle's house along with her adorable doggies. Uncle lives with her wife in a beautiful house with beautiful scenery. He plants palm trees around his house.

teng hi with dad

teng hi again~

Teng Hi loved to sleep at the 1st floor, while A Ou loved at 2nd floor. A Ou also loved to eat the oil palm fruit.

One day at 5 a.m., uncle opened the front door and Teng Hi had a walk outside. Not long after that, he came back with oil palm fruit in his mouth. He went to the 2nd floor and gave it to A Ou! A Ou ate it. Since then he took oil palm fruit every morning and gave it to A Ou at the 2nd floor.


I dunno why he did that. And i know he must be sad when he had to lost her. Maybe it's just a simple story, but it sure touched my heart. I love animals and more when i know they can feel love that way...

can you see all 6 puppies?? xD

grandma's puppies
me among the palm trees

dad caught a fish!

*captured by me