Friday, August 27, 2010

well, i know today is already 6th September... but i just got these photos today... >,< >*not a real garden,lol*, on 4th floor. well, honestly i felt relieved when i know it'll be at my home because my parents weren't at home until afternoon and there'll be no one can take me out.. after some hours waiting for my friends to come, at last we began our games at about 2 or 3 pm..*i forget..T-T* it was cloudy so we have to start as soon as possible.

ellen ,rudi ,me , and karina


looking at a glass of deadly salt water!

we started with the first game : move salt water *it's super salty!!* from one glass to other glass with straw. i did it until xD and the winner is dwi.

rudi was the winner of eating kerupuk mamang *lol*

then next was eat kerupuk mamang! xD *i dunno how to call it in english..* and at last rudi became the winner. the prize for the winner is : don't need to clean the blackboard,etc for a whole year~! xD

dwi (center) became the winner of moving salt water

dwi and dedek do acrobat~xD

i lovveee u all, guys~~xD


Kepiting Luar Angkasa said...

wah, beneran... ramaiii xD
siapa aja tuh ?

RafSelinda said...

iy kan..xD
rata2 si tman sekls..

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