Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Up - Married Life

Today I listen to that song again... Really, I love it! xD
If you watch Up (you can googling to find out more..*wink*), you will know this instrumental song appears when Carl meets Ellie, they get married, and until the day of Ellie's death... Ah, I cried for times while watched this : when they know they unable to have children, when Ellie becomes ill then pass away, and at the end of the story. T-T

oh,look at them!♥

♥ Carl, he loves his wife so much~
♥ Ellie, she's so beautiful
♥ Russell, he's so funny!
♥ Kevin, her name just like my friend's! xD
♥ Dug, he's super silly!! xD

And ♥ the song cause it really touches my heart~~♥♥♥ xD
Btw, you can download the song herreee : Married Life - Up Soundtrack

ps:enjoy the song~
*n i really recommend this movie for u to watch! ♥


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