Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Music Assemble : Perform Again~ ;)

Yesterday at 5.30 pm i went to brothers' house for a mass. Our music assemble - consist of me, Br.Ewald, Mr. Alius, Mr. Egidius, Aunt Ria, Sir Oni, Miss Silvana, Miss Lenny, and Melyanti- would play after the mass when the people have dinner together. So i wore sist's batik shirt and dark gray skirt~

AND I never knew that it would be so crowded! I met soo many people i know, such as my teachers and friends. I also met Br. Albert! I thought he already move to another city... But i'm so relieved that he still there, i love him~! xD After the mass was over, we took a place to perform and start. I enjoyed last night's performance soo much although i made a little mistake...! >,<

Br. Ewald and I ~ ♥

I want to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH to Br. Ewald for always guide us. You're not young anymore and don't push yourself too hard..=)

WE ♥ Br. Ewald~!


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