Sunday, August 8, 2010

Need New Camera & Tripod...T-T

It's Sunday again~ ♡♡♡
As always, I just can't sit and quiet. I NEED something to do! xD So I decided to have my own photoshoot~ *Narcissism Mode : ON*
I took my ONLY pump high heels, my cute friends, and my sister's handphone (really hard to get it from her...T-T) to my private 'fitting room'. Lol. I enjoyed my time there with my 2 adorable friends and took photo till drop. hahaha

After that, I took a super big chocolate chip bun, sat in front of my computer, turned in on, connected the internet(eat the yummy bun at the same time), moved the my photos to PC, and now I'm writing this. xD While waiting for the photos to be moved, I realize that I want my own camera and also tripod soo baaddd... huhuhu... T-T

me n friends~! ^^

heart this

Oh, this really made my day~~ xD Can't wait for the next photoshoot! Lol

btw, i also realize that i can't eat all the's too big..=='
*pictures captured by me


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