Monday, August 9, 2010

IMB - Time For JP to Go

Well, i don't feel very well today but still, I can't just quiet!! lol So I keep post this although i feel something's weird with my eye and head. Anyway, I'm happy as always~~ hahaha~ xD

I watched IMB (Indonesia Mencari Bakat) last night (and of course because i want to watch Hudson, I'm Hudsonista!!♥ lol) And JP had to go. She's very good, I know (but still, I'm with Hudson! xD). But just like the commentator said, it's just about LUCK. I almost cry -again- when I see everybody was crying after it's announced.


There are something make last night's IMB became special to me xD :
★ It made me can't concentrate in study civics.. T-T
★ Titi Sjuman was crying (so bad one, i think..)
★ Brandon was crying so bad!! (but as always, he is soooooo cute~)
★ And this is the most special one -> they changed the ending song from 'I Gotta feeling - Black Eyed Peas'(thx to kev*n for telling me this title..xD) to dunno what song... And the song was soooo sadd!! But well, I love that song, though... xD


*btw, I wish i can get well soon...T-T


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