Monday, June 7, 2010

This is my new 9cm's high heels!XD

my new shoes..~

and now it make me curious what the name is...XD
so i decided to ask i found some cool shoes and i want you to know more about it too...^^

1. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots are a staple for both the fashion-minded and comfort-minded alike. Whether you’re searching for the hottest booties of the season, or just need a warm and reliable pair of suede moccasin ankle boots for the long winter, ankle boots are as varied and versatile as they come in footwear. When you’re going for a stunning night-on-the-town look, consider going with a hot pair of lace up ankle boots, or a saucy pair of platform ankle boots to maximize your legs and jazz up your style.

2. Ballet Flats
En pointe? Not necessary with these classic shoes. Ballet flats are the more sophisticated flat of the bunch, using a shapely upper and ankle-baring dip to highlight the feet without baring the toes completely. While many a department store find will feature full toe coverage, European ballet flats often show a flash of sexy "toe cleavage" that's a little more dare-to-bare. Traditional pink is a good option for the uber-feminine girl, but black will take you farther out on the mean and grimy city streets. Consider a pair of ballet flats to take you to work when heels simply won't cut it!

3. Clogs
Clip clop! Clogs don't need to be fashioned only out of solid wood, sometimes opting for wooden sole or all-manmade options instead. With the advent of high-tech materials shaped in clog styles, they are becoming more popular than ever, but finding a pair of classic clogs shouldn't prove difficult, either. Try your first pair with solid heels and a leather upper, and then move along to flat pairs for the garden or for under your desk at work. Play around with appealing colors or design details to make your clogs unique to you.

4. D'Orsay
Familiar with D'Orsay shoes? D'Orsay heels have a special cut-down panel at the side to reveal the foot's arch, but they have a back and closed toe just the same. If you've got a pair of shoes that shows off toe cleavage and you want something new, these versatile pumps match with everything from long dress pants to the ultimate sexy skirt. While classic in navy or black, a pair in bright pink would certainly not be out-of-the-question, either. Well, what are you waiting for? You'll fall in love with these European-cut heels.

5. Espadrilles
Espadrilles used to be for the peasants, but today, they're reached new heights on many a well-turned out foot. Fashioned in rope and fabric, espadrilles highlight a slim ankle and bring legs front and center with everything from rompers to jeans. Take your pick from heel heights varying from high wedges all the way down to flats, and search out provincial prints and patterns on your fabric uppers for a retro effect. While nautical designs will have you headed down to the seashore, these flirty shoes in every make will leave you with a new appreciation for classic sandals.

6. Gladiators
So many straps, so little time! Gladiators are multi-strapped flats or heels with a ton of attitude, and they've been a footwear darling for many a season. Not only are they a very versatile selection for anyone looking to add extra style to skirts, dresses, and trousers, but they are offered in a plethora of varieties. Grab one with peepholes instead of multi-cross straps, pick one up with lots of little zig-zagging leather ropes, or find a pair that employs suede in a tie-it-yourself jobbie. With mid-height and knee-height gladiators on the market, your shopping experience will be a happy one indeed if you stick to gladiators.

7. Mary Janes
Mary Janes, as they are known in America, are traditionally flat shoes with a cross-foot strap. We'll see Mary Janes in pump form in many a department store in patent and smooth leathers, but the traditional style is flat and plain. You'll be able to maximize your Mary Jane style points by choosing pairs with platform soles or added embellishment, but every girl needs to have one old-fashioned pair to give her feet a break. These shoes might have originally been adopted by the younger set, but there are enough designs out there to match a pair with nearly every style profile.

8. Oxfords
A staple of the preppy set, Oxfords are typically low-slung leather shoes that feature a series of laces at the instep. Once a shoe only worn by men – and finely dressed men at that – oxfords have become a popular choice for women, either in their original flat form or with the addition of a heel. Another popular offshoot of the Oxford? The saddle shoe, which is a simple oxford updated with the addition of a strap – often in a contrasting color – at the instep.

9. Peep Toes
If you live in a cooler climate, sometimes you’re relegated to wearing regular shoes for all but the warmest of months. An interesting alternative? Peep toes! Wearable virtually year round – bar when there’s a few feet of snow on the ground – a peep toe is perfect for both the office and a wild night on the town! The only requirement? In order to pull off this look, you’re going to want to keep your feet in tip-top shape!

10. Wedges
Wedges just keep coming back, from the '40s to the '60s to the '80s--to now. While it might take some time to balance in your supremely shaped wedge heels, you'll notice that they visually balance out legs and ankles while adding a touch of vintage appeal to your step. In suede, wedges are completely daring and multi-season, but in fabric, light as a feather and stylish, too. Thanks to varying balances provided by multiple designers, you'll find a pair that mold to your feet in no time. Amazing when paired with vintage denim, full skirt, and high-waisted shorts, so dig into that closet and check out what's hidden in the back!

Oh! so mine is MJs~ =)


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where did u buy it and how much?

RafSelinda said...

120000..actually it can be cheaper,my fren said tat we can get it only with 100000

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